CNC Router – Military Style

CNC Router 2I realized that I hadn’t updated you on any of the CNC Router projects that Jay has worked on lately. Believe me, the machine has NOT been idle.

While helping a local kid fix his quadcopter the kid saw the other fun toys that Jay has in the basement and asked if Jay would be willing to help him out with an Eagle Scout project. It seems he was going to make planter boxes for the local Soldiers & Sailors home, and he thought that it would be great to have Jay make the military logos to represent all five branches of the military. Jay always enjoys a new project and he liked the idea that veterans might be able to enjoy his work, too.

Routing the Coast Guard - CNC RouterThis also enabled Jay to use some new software that he had purchased for the router. This software helps to translate pictures into dimensional works on the router. The software translates the shades of color into depth on whatever you’re routing in order to give you the dimensional effect.



CNC Router - ArmySince these were going to be on outside planters the kid purchased pressure-treated lumber for Jay. He had cut them to the sizes that he needed for the planters and delivered them to our house Memorial Day weekend.

Jay and I were a bit skeptical when we saw what they wanted us to use. After all, it was just pressure-treated lumber and we weren’t sure that it would really rout very well.

What a happy surprise when we saw just how good they turned out!

CNC Router - Air ForceAgain, depending on the shades of color used the router either routed more or less. The Air Force logo has some dimensional effect so you can see how that translated on the router.




CNC Router - Coast GuardThe following comment is not intended to make a statement regarding my opinion of the actual branches of the military or those who serve in them…

Since there wasn’t a whole lot involved in the Air Force and Army logos they weren’t really that interesting for me to watch on the machine. The Coast Guard, Marines and Navy had more detail since Jay used the actual seals for these branches. The Coast Guard’s rope border looks like it’s sunk into the wood…

CNC Router - Marine Corps… and the rope around the edge of the Marine’s seal looked like it was carved out of the wood.

We were amazed at how well all of the detail really came out despite the fact that this wasn’t a special high-caliber wood. We were really impressed with both the software and the machine.




CNC Router - NavyAs a salute to Jay, I’ve saved ‘the best for last’ (as he would want me to say it)… The Navy.

These really have to be seen in person to really experience just how detailed they turned out. You can’t really see the ship very well behind the eagle in this picture, but it’s much easier to see when you’re actually looking at it. Jay has decided that he likes it so well he’s going to cut a few more for his own personal use.


The kid seemed happy with how they turned out and I believe that the planter boxes were presented a few weeks ago. Unfortunately we were out-of-town for my sister’s wedding so we weren’t able to go. Jay and I plan on taking a drive down to the Soldiers & Sailors home at some point this summer to see how they look and I will definitely take pictures. Even though it’s something silly I hope that the veterans who look on these enjoy them enough to take pride in their service for our country.

Thank you to ALL of the veterans, current military member and military families who sacrifice so much to protect and serve our country!


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2 Responses to CNC Router – Military Style

  1. rdrapela says:

    Love this! I am active Duty Coast Guard and i am actually considering buying a CNC but dont know much about making the designs.

    • My husband spends a lot of time on the forums over at There’s LOTS of information over there. Also, check out for ideas of things to make. Just a warning… you get into this and it can become VERY addictive! Good luck! And thank you for your service 🙂

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