Dresses for Missions Update 6-2-15

Sewing Room Supervisor - ChesterIt appears that I haven’t updated you on my Dresses for Missions since the end of April. I don’t know where May went, but as you can tell from the picture both Chester and I are exhausted!

I am exhausted from playing in the dirt. I don’t know what Chester could have possibly done that would have exhausted her. Of course, just being a cat in this household is an exhausting job!

Dress #26 5-7-15Dress #26

I finished this dress the first week in May. I found this fabric in the clearance area at Hobby Lobby and I knew that I wanted to use it for a dress. When all was said and done I really wasn’t happy with this one. The ribbon that I used around the ruffle had an open-weave pattern that kept getting caught on my presser foot. Jay thinks that it looks elegant, but I was just soured by the issue I had with the ribbon.



Dress #26 DetailYou can’t really see the pattern on the ribbon in this picture, but it gives you a closer look at the fabric. Next time I might try using some bright green or blue ribbon to accent it.




Dress #27 5-14-15Dress #27

This one was made the second week of May. The fabric was another find at Hobby Lobby. It has almost a yellow-green paisley look going on. I should take better pictures of the lighter-colored dresses, I guess.





Dress #27 DetailThere, this shows it a little better. I used a light yellow lace at the hem and the neckline. I had this grayish-blue ribbon that I thought really set the whole thing off.




Dress #28 5-22-15Dress #28

This was the last dress that I made. I’ve been busy prepping gardens and weeding, so I haven’t made it back into my sewing room since before Memorial Day.

I’ve used this fabric on a dress before, but I believe that I used brown lace on that one. This time I had some cotton crocheted lace that I thought would really set it off.



Dress #28 DetailAt the top of the ruffle I used a green ribbon underneath the cream crocheted band. It gave it just a bit of color without being too in-your-face. Then I used some petite lace around the hem.

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