Sugar Control Diet – Week #15 & 16

My Dress for Droof's WeddingWeeks #15 & 16

Weight Change – +2 lbs   😦

Total Weight Loss – 16 lbs


I guess that overall having lost 16 pounds is not such a bad thing. It’s just that I was hoping to go the other way so that I could say that I’ve lost 20 pounds so far. *sigh* Life has been busy and I’ve been eating more starches than I should, so I have to throttle back on that a bit.


With that being said, I wanted to explain why I chose this picture for this post. My sister is getting married next month and I’ve been putting off getting a dress. To be fair, I thought that I had one that would work, but I couldn’t really make it work in my mind. I couldn’t find anything to gussie it up or enhance it. Plus, based on what I experienced yesterday, I would swim in it so it would require a bit of adjusting.

Yesterday a friend from church went with me to find a dress. I hate clothes shopping because I never want to spend the kind of money that they ask for clothes, but I also hate to try things on. When you are a 5’10” tall full-figured woman it can be hard to find anything that not only fits you, but looks good on you. I didn’t know if I would be able to find a dress or not, but I had to try. My friend and I picked out about 10 dresses for me to try on, in a range of sizes, and I found out a few things. First off, I’m not nearly as fat as I think I am. Secondly, some of these dress designers really need to realize that they can’t use the same design for stick-thin women and full-figured women! Horizontal stripes do NOT look good on a woman who is trying to minimize her wideness.

In the end I went with the dress that you see here in the picture. This is not a very flattering picture because I had Jay take it when he was sitting on the couch, so it’s at an angle. Also, I’m in it so therefore it’s not a very flattering shot. This dress is not at all something that I would have normally picked out. It’s figure-hugging and shows off my every curve, even the bad ones! However, it’s lacey with sequins, it’s long (it hides my legs) and it’s comfy. It’s also two sizes smaller than I had anticipated having to buy! I would have preferred one size larger, but they didn’t have it so I went with this. I have to be VERY good over the next month and I need to get a little more active. If I can take off even just five more pounds in that time I will be feeling really good about it. The most important thing, though, is that Jay says that I look beautiful in it.

Last week I tried on a pair of capris that I had purchased last summer, but couldn’t wear because they were too tight. I couldn’t hardly get them buttoned. I needed something casual to wear, so I grabbed those and hoped that I had lost enough weight to make them at least fit. They did, with some room to spare! As the weather is getting warmer and I am digging out my summer clothes it’s so nice to try on something that I remember being a bit snug last year to have it fit nicely now. Changing the way that I eat and how I consume sugar has definitely been worth it!

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