Summer Cross Update 5-9-15

Summer CrossSo I know that it’s not May 9th, but since that’s when I took the last picture of my progress than that’s the date for this post.

I don’t have a whole lot done, so I wanted to remind you what the finished product is going to look like. So pretty!




Summer Cross 4-23-15When I last posted, at the end of April, this was the state of my progress. I was working on grapes. Summer grapes? I won’t get into that again…






Summer Cross 5-9-15And here it is as of the 9th. The grapes really stand out next to those green leaves. There was a bit of a decision for me to make because I wanted to work on this one in the same way that I worked on the Winter Cross. I am going to stitch the left arm and then work my way clockwise around the cross. The problem was that the daisy to the right of the grapes overlap onto the right hand side of the cross. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but if you’re weird like me then you know that this could be a struggle. Actually, the biggest pain for me was the fact that the daisy overlapped two of my working pages. So I had to constantly flip between the two pages and hope that I wasn’t miscounting. Once I am done with the daisy I will return to the left-hand side of the cross and continue working my way around in that manner.

I know… I make such a big deal out of silly things!

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