Yellow A-4 Skyhawk Project – #6

A4 BellyIt’s been a while since I last posted an update on this project. That is mainly due to the fact that it got put aside once the 3D printer and CNC router made their appearance. Poor little A-4!




A-4 Back FloatAs you can see, though, not much has changed. It’s still flat on its back.

Although, it did get a layer of primer sprayed on it.


A-4 Rear ServiceJay was trying to recall what he had decided to do for the rudder servo. It took a little bit of looking and prodding, but he finally remembered and got it all hooked up.






A-4 Rudder ServoIsn’t that such a pretty little rudder servo?!







A-4 Painted WhiteOnce that was done he could then flip it back onto its belly to continue the work to the guts. He had to build fan mounts and install the fan.




A-4 GutsHere we have the dual intake where it joins at the fan.

I can’t recall what surface will move once a servo is hooked up to that pull rod/cable-thing. (It’s been a while since I took these pictures).



A-4 Carbon fiber FanI can say with certainty, though, that this has a gorgeous carbon fiber fan unit!


Oooo…. pretty!





A-4 Fan ExhaustThis airframe was originally built for a much larger Dymax fan. It was somewhere along the lines of 120 billion millimeters.

Hmmm… that might be wrong…  😉

Either way, it now has a 90mm fan.

Don’t worry, it’s not the size of the fan that counts… it’s how you use it!



A-4 I Can't SeeThen it was time for paint. The A-4 was a bit scared, so we covered its eyes so that it wouldn’t have to see what was about to be done.

Oh, and the paint scheme that was chosen for this is something that Jay doesn’t think anybody will get because it had something to do with a different two-seater model had this scheme, but his A-4 is actually only a one-seater and he wondered how many people would notice. I’ll be honest… I didn’t.


A-4 Paint Scheme Going OnAfter a few more layers the orange began to darken up so that you’re not sure if it’s just a bright red or a bright orange.




A-4 Painted FlapsAnd of course, you have to paint the flaps red!

This is the last picture I have of the work on this jet, so far. I know that Jay has worked on the landing gear, but this project has been temporarily set aside again. He is helping a younger kid in our club build a Sig Senorita, so he’s been going full-bore on that project.

Well, at least you have a bit of an update. As things start to progress again I will post more updates.



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