Winter Cross Framed

Winter Cross 4-9-15I am still so excited that I managed to finally finish this piece! Halfway through it I thought that I might have been insane to start it.

I’m glad that I did, though. I’ve had a spot reserved for it on the wall since I refinished the dresser in my living room. I knew the exact look I wanted for it, too.

Typically when I frame a piece I will use the pre-cut mats that you can purchase at A.C. Moore or Michael’s. This piece, though, was different. Due to the image that I had in my head I decided to break down and pay to have mats cut specifically for it. I measured it, though, so that I could fit it all in a standard size frame.

Winter Cross Framed 4-18-15What do you think?

In order to get a deep rich look to the mats I had to go with fabric mats, which were a bit pricier. I knew that if I cheaped out, though, I wouldn’t be happy. I went with a deep red for the inside and I framed that with a deep hunter green. I knew that the frame would have to be fairly rich-looking, too, to keep the feel that I was going for.

I think that this worked out quite nicely.


Winter Cross Hanging 4-26-15This isn’t the best picture, but it gives you an idea of how it looks. It is flanked by the Our Father and the Creed, which I received as gifts from the RCIA last year when I was getting ready to be baptized and confirmed. On this table sits my grandmother’s bible, Jay’s grandmother’s rosary (which was another baptism gift), a decorative box that Jay’s mom gave to me, plus both mine and Jay’s baptismal candles. Jay refers to it as my Catholic shrine. I told him that in order to really qualify as that I need a statue of Mary within a half-buried bath tub. 😉

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