Summer Cross

Now that the Winter Cross is finished, it’s time to start the next one. It was a difficult decision as to which one I should start next. Do I start the one that I like best of the remaining three? How about if I start one that, theoretically, I will be getting ready to hang up after I’m finished with it? Do I draw straws to figure out which one should be next?

Summer CrossSince it took me a little over a year to finish the Winter Cross I determined that I should start on the Summer Cross. This way, in a little over a year, if I can get it done in time it should be close to the end of June and ready to be placed on the wall.

Also, this one had a rose in it. I love roses.

There are also enough color changes to keep things interesting. When I was looking at the Autumn Cross I shuddered because it’s just a whole palate of various shades of orange, brown, and gold. I am not an Autumn person, so that one is going to be difficult for me to stitch.

Summer Cross 4-23-15This is my progress as of April 23rd. I started this on Tax Day, so not a whole lot managed to get done. I believe that this is a bunch of grapes. Now, living in grape country I would have put grapes on the Autumn Cross as that’s when they are ripe and ready for picking around here. There’s nothing better than driving down the road in October and smelling the grapes. Mmmm…

But, here they are in summer. Oh well. Perhaps next time the designer will think to consult with me first. 🙂


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