More 3D Printing

3d Printing Layer 1A few months ago I introduced you to Jay’s birthday present. It really is quite a neat little machine. No matter how many times that I’ve seen it running I still manage to get ‘hypnotized’ and end up watching it print something for 20-30 minutes.

Well, despite the fact that he has another new toy (which I am waiting to get some in-progress pictures before posting about it), his printer has not remained idle.


3D Printed CatapultHe has printed a catapult that manages to fling pennies clear across the room. And yes, I had to take a picture with one of the cats in there… it just seemed like the right thing to do.




3D Printed Phone StandHe has printed a phone stand. Actually, he printed a couple of these for his mom and one of her coworkers. It’s cute, isn’t it?





3D Printed TableJay also made me a little table to put my cross stitch pattern-holder on in order to elevate it for me. Isn’t he sweet??


He made it so that he can always print longer legs (if needed). The current legs are removable and can be swapped out.


3D Printed Drip TrayOur espresso machine drips from the frothing spout when we make coffee and so it was a bit of a mess to clean up afterwards. I asked Jay to make some kind of tray to catch the water. This is his design and it works wonderfully!




3D Printed Enable Button and TableJust for fun he made this little puzzle table.

His mother told me this summer that she needed to find my ‘enable’ button so that she could turn it off. Apparently she thinks that I spoil Jay too much! What did Jay do? He made an ‘Enable’ button to push whenever he wants something! LOL



3D Printed Enable Button PressedAnd yes, you can actually push it!






3D Printed Snowman and CannonThe latest projects coming off of the printer have been some winter decorations. Do you recognize this?

If I said the phrase ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ would that ring a bell?

Yes! It’s one of the hilarious snowmen that Calvin used to create in his front yard. When I saw this all printed out I bent over in laughter. I always loved the snowmen! Along with this one we also have the snowman swimming away from sharks, the two-headed mutant snowman and the snowman stuck in the snow after jumping off the diving board. If you’ve never seen these before do a quick image search for Calvin and Hobbes Snowmen and you’ll see a lot of them.








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