Library – Almost Finished!

Library CafeThis is my library. At least, this is how it looked shortly after we moved into the house. It had two green walls and two white walls.




LIbrary Painted Walls 3We decided to redo it when we had a new ceiling put in (due to water damage from a leaking roof).

So now we have two purple walls…




Library Ceiling - 4Then I realized that there is real wood behind the paint….





Library Wall Stripping - 2And I created a real mess because I decided that the paint had to go. And it went, though not without a fight. It really put up lot of resistance.




LIbrary Wall Stripped - 1But I am my father’s daughter and stubborn to a fault…

All that it took was a month, a lot of elbow grease, stripper, mineral spirits, sand paper, and a dental pick. Yes, a dental pick. It worked great to get in all of the little crevices and knots. I went to the dollar store and bought a dental kit that included the pick, a tongue scraper, and a brush. I figured that for $1 I could use them on my walls.


LIbrary Wall Stripped - 2I took as much of the paint off as I possibly could. There were some spots that I just couldn’t get. And there were other spots that were different colors because nobody had removed trim when they would change the wall color.



Library Wall Stained - 2Once I had determined that I was finished removing paint I put a light coat of stain on it to match the bookshelves. It really helped to warm up the room.




Library Wall Stained - 3Here you can see that the wall doesn’t match the bookshelves perfectly, but it’s closer than what it was before I stained it.

Yes, I kept the one wall white because it is actually that cheap paneling that you buy at the home improvement stores and I didn’t know what I would get myself into if I removed it. It adds a nice contrast, though.


Library Mostly Finished Wall - 3I put two coats of high gloss poly on it and I really like how it turned out.





Library Mostly Finished Wall - 2I had to hurry up and finish this wall because the weather was getting colder and we really needed the thermostat back on the wall.

It was a lot of work, but I’m happy with the results. Now I just have to do all of the trim and the doors…


Library Mostly Finished Wall - 1What do you think?

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