Playing In the Dirt!

The DeckWhen Jay and I moved into our house I knew that it was going to take a lot of time to get the gardens where I wanted them to be. Due to my allergies there are a lot of things that I just don’t want to have near my house. Technically, I’m allergic to everything. *sigh* However, the people who lived here before we did really seemed to have enjoyed the wild-looking flowers.


Azalea BushThis is my front corner flower bed as it looked last year. This was after I had weeded it! There are a ton of Irises on the right that hadn’t ever been thinned out, so their roots were all growing together. On the left were something else that I didn’t care for. Also, I had read that Azaleas don’t like a whole lot of sun, just a few hours. Well, this flower bed sits out in the open under the sun for most of the day.

Azalea Bush 5-26-14I needed to move the Azalea bush, so I dug out another bush that I hated by the corner of the house and put this one there instead. No shovels were broken in the moving of this azalea bush. I was worried that I had killed it because I had a really hard time getting it out of the corner bed. This picture was taken last month and you can see that it did just fine.

Irises 5-26-14I also thinned out the irises, gave a bunch away, and spread them out a little better. Here they are in bloom last month. I would say that they managed to survive the winter.




Rose Garden 6-27-14And here is my corner flower bed now. Not a whole lot going on, but that’s how I like it. Since this bed gets sun almost all day I decided that I would have this be my rose garden. I love roses and have always wanted to grow them.

I have two climbing roses in the back and then three regular rose bushes in the front (along with some petunias for color). I actually thought that the one climbing rose bush was dead. You see, I had removed it from the side of the house near where the azalea bush was relocated. That side of the house gets a few hours of sun a day, not nearly enough for a rose bush. This spring, though, the canes were all dead and I seriously thought that I had killed it with the shock of being yanked out of the ground and transplanted. I cut it way back and was going to remove it completely after I had something to replace it. I’m so glad that I waited to dig it out because I discovered some new growth. It’s not dead! It will be a few years before it flowers, but that gives me time to train it onto the fence and baby it for a bit. My goal is to have the climbing roses trained onto the fence. Won’t that be gorgeous?!

Front Garden 6-27-14This is another front garden. I’ve dug a lot out of here, too. Again, it was all wild-looking flowers, but there was way too much of it. They had tiger lilies all over and poor little hostas planted under the hydrangeas so they weren’t getting any sun. And I planted more petunias.



Flag Pole Garden 6-27-14Then there’s my little garden around the flag pole. I love pansies, so I had to add some in here. I actually had a few come back from last year! This fall I’m going to protect them a bit and see what happens in the spring. It would be great if I could get them to grow back.

And you can see the post-bloom azalea bush in the background on the right (behind the petunias).

Clematis 6-27-14One of the few things that I haven’t touched is the clematis that is growing on our fence. I will need to trim it back a bit after the blooms are gone, though, as it’s almost reaching the sidewalk.




Clematis Flowers 6-27-14It is really pretty, though, and I’ve had a lot of compliments on it. If only I could take credit for it!





Jay's PathwayThen there are my vegetables.

Last year when we took a couple of trees down we had our friend grind this stump away when he did the others. This one was rather large and I’m still digging up pieces of the roots.

But I needed somewhere to plant my tomatoes and I thought that this spot would work great.

Tomato Plants 6-27-14And it does! Jay built me the trellis last year. If you’re wondering, I weeded that area this past weekend. They had tiger lilies and mint growing over here. Plus the grass. It’s hard to keep all of them at bay.




Cucumber Plants 6-27-14Then there are my cucumbers. Again, a trellis that Jay built for me and wave petunias in pots above them. Over the Fourth of July weekend I plan on repainting the deck. I didn’t want the cucumbers to climb on the trellis until after I had repainted so that I would be able to move it. Well, the cucumbers had a mind of their own. So now I will have to be careful when I paint it and will have to cover them up while the deck is being power-washed.

Side Rosebush 6-27-14In my backyard we have a flower garden that runs along the fence next to the sidewalk. This is the same fence on which the clematis climbs. The blooms were past their prime, but I wanted to take a picture of this rose bush. Last year it didn’t do anything. Not a single bud! This spring I had determined to dig it up. My theory is if plants want to remain in my garden then they must perform the task which they have been given. Roses are supposed to be fragrant and beautiful… or at the very least at least have blooms. Something kept telling me to wait a little bit and I’m glad that I did. It had a BUNCH of blooms on it! I’m not sure what kind of rose bush it is, but it has earned its keep this year.

Even with all of these various gardens that I’m working on, I still have more to do in the yard!

Driveway Day 1 TwoThis picture is from last year, but I can use it to tell you what I need to do.

Do you see the hostas to the right of the closest orange cones? The two on the left have been transplanted into the side garden where the clematis and one rose bush live. The other one remains. I might leave it there, but I have to finish cleaning up that spot.

Driveway Day 3 SidewalkWe had a large pile of dirt left after the driveway was done, which I have moved, but now I have a pile of mulch sitting there.

Also, we took down the swing set that you can see in the background.



Fire Pit Area 6-27-14We haven’t really done a lot with that spot. However, I have a plan.

Currently when we have a fire we put the pit in the ring of stones that you can see in the middle of the yard. The previous owners had a pool that sat in that spot, so the grass was gone, and thus the reason for the fire pit going right there.


Firepit Area 6-27-14Now that the swing set is gone I want to clean up this area and make it into our fire pit area. This way we don’t have to worry about leveling it out with the rest of the lawn and we won’t have to reseed it with grass. It will also get the fire pit out of the middle of the yard and make it easier for Jay to mow. I just have to find the time to actually do it. I can’t play in the dirt on Saturdays if I’m going to sing the psalm in church on Sunday because being out in that stuff messes with my sinuses. I will get it done, though. Especially since I’m tired of looking at that mess. I can’t wait to get it cleaned up!

JFK Rose 6-27-14

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1 Response to Playing In the Dirt!

  1. Jamie says:

    I’m so impressed! You have a great eye for composing flower beds, and you’ve gotten so much done! Your trellises are gorgeous, too. We might actually steal your design, as we were just thinking about what kind of trellis to construct for our tomatoes… 🙂

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