Dresses for Missions Update 7-13-14

I have been busy so I haven’t actually sewn anything since the beginning of June (where has the time gone??!) and also it is a sauna in my sewing room so I try to avoid it if I can.  I do have an exciting thing to tell you. In our church bulletin today there was a snippet that said Dresses for Missions has recently been recognized for their outstanding contribution in the Missions program for a large University. I’m not sure if it was the Dresses for Missions organization as a whole, or my group specifically. Either way, it’s good to hear.

Dress #16 6-5-14Dress #16

This was the last one that I’ve actually sewn on my own. I finished this on June 5th. I did do some sewing, just not on my own stuff.





Dresses Group #1Dress Group 1

This is why I haven’t done anymore of my own sewing. I was asked if I could finish off a few dresses with the trim, etc. I agreed, but didn’t realize how many I was being handed. You can’t tell, but in this pile is 13 dresses. Yep. 13. And I only had a week to get it all done. Needless to say, I didn’t have time to add lace or anything fancy to them 😦




Chester's FutonDress Group #2

Okay, so I forgot to take a picture of the second group of dresses that I had to work on. Instead I had to post a picture of Chester laying on the futon in my sewing room.

The second group consisted of 10 dresses and this time I was given three weeks to get them done. With everything else that I had going on I definitely needed the extra time!


I haven’t done any sewing since then. I’ve just been so busy! It seems like just as one obligation is finished, another one pops up. But it’s okay because I want to show you what Jay made me for my birthday….

Sewing TableA sewing table!

I wanted something a little sturdier to set up my serger when I need to use it. I didn’t have a lot of room in which to put something, though. So I gave Jay the measurements that I wanted and he built it for me! It’s not overly big, but it suits my needs perfectly.


Sewing Table TopHe made the top by slanting the boards at a fancy angle.





Sewing Table DetailAnd then added a decorative border that he said reminded him of me playing in the dirt. lol





Sewing Table areaI have already set it up and it’s perfect. Everything is within reach and it has helped to free up the table on the right on which I cut my fabric. I am so tickled about this table. It was definitely a great birthday present!

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