Winter Cross Update 6-23-14

Winter Cross 5-10-14I love summer! The warm temps, the flowers all over, and the wonderfully fresh air. The only thing is that it doesn’t leave me a lot of time to play inside. It looks like the last time that I updated you about my Winter Cross was over a month ago. I thought that it had been more recently, but apparently not!



Winter Cross 6-23-14You can’t really tell from this picture, but I managed to fill in completely the top of the cross and a good part of the middle section. I also filled in the background words and did the outlining on the cross. I am now starting on the right arm. I will wait until I have this arm done and am doing the outlining before I will add the other outlined sticks that come off of the cross. If you look on the left hand side you can kind of see the ‘sticks’ that come out of the greenery and into the words. I need to add these around the top part of the cross, but I’m tired of outlining and want to get back to making my ‘x’s. Thus I will wait until I am outlining the right arm. Hopefully I will remember to do that!

I have been eyeing the spot on my wall where this will be hanging. Even if it’s not winter when I finish this (though at this rate it will probably be close to Christmas when it’s done!), I’m still going to hang it up. Then I will start on either the Fall Cross or the Spring Cross. I haven’t quite decided which.

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