Work Gets In the Way

Cat TalesThis is how I feel in my cubicle at work… like I’m in this tiny box and I’m stuck. Joey isn’t stuck, and in fact most cats love crawling into boxes. The thing is that they are usually in those boxes at HOME. That’s where I want to be. At home.

Have you ever been somewhere you didn’t want to be and all you could think about is all of the stuff that you need to do at home? That’s how I always feel. I used to love my job. I used to feel like I was at least doing something productive. When you stop caring about the quality of your work all of that other stuff goes out the window. And all that I can think about is what I want to get done at home and how I could be so much more productive if I wasn’t at work.

I could be doing laundry, vacuuming, dusting, sorting through the totes that I still haven’t done anything with since we moved, washing the walls that didn’t get washed, cutting up the green peppers in the fridge for Jay’s lunch, working on the sewing project that I have, working on the various cross stitch projects that I have planned in my head, getting the Club’s stuff organized so that I can find it more easily, take pictures of some of Jay’s jets so that I can do a tutorial for them on my blog, go around and pull the various staples and nails out of the floors (yes, we still have a ton of them), and I’m sure that once I got home I could find more things to do. Yet, here I sit… playing with numbers… I feel like there should be some MST3K robots watching my daily life because Pearl finally discovered the one film that would truly drive them insane.

I will have to buy a lottery ticket, I guess. *sigh*

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