I Hate Packing

http://ts2.mm.bing.net/th?id=I.4695907609610389&pid=1.7&w=194&h=147&c=7&rs=1I hate packing. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about packing for vacation, packing for a move, or just packing my lunch. I procrastinate when I have to do it. When I go on vacation I usually don’t pack my clothes until the night before. I use the excuse that it’s so I can make sure that everything is clean, but that’s not true. It’s because I hate to do it. Even when I pack my overnight bag for Jay’s I’ve gotten to the point where I wait and do it Friday morning after I get dressed for work. Not a lot of thought goes into it, either. Basically I root through my drawers, figure out what I have that is clean and doesn’t need to be pressed, then I toss it in the bag. When packing for vacation I use a similar technique, except I keep an eye on what I’m tossing in and hope that I can make outfits out of most of it. lol

In a week and a half Jay and I will be signing the closing papers on our new house. Our first house together. I can’t wait! I’m so excited to be able to actually live with my husband (we are still living apart, and in different cities, until we get the new house). I can’t wait until I get to drive home from work and see him for a few hours before he has to head into work himself. Yes, I work first shift and he works third so we don’t get to spend a whole lot of time together during the week. But it will be nice just to see him every day!

Jay during danceJay has been so good when it comes to packing. He’s been making steady progress on his basement where all of his airplanes reside, plus all of the building stuff that goes along with the airplanes. I started packing his upstairs last weekend, but then on Sunday I didn’t get anything done because my sinuses were not behaving. Poor Jay had to experience the ‘in sickness’ part of our vows! They completely wiped me out, so not a whole lot got done at all on Sunday. It’s still hanging on a little bit today, but I at least attempted to do some packing at my house. I can’t even blame the cats for distracting me! They’ve been at my parents’ since the wedding so that I wouldn’t have to worry about hauling them back and forth a lot. So I have absolutely no excuse for why more of my house isn’t packed up. Except to say that I hate packing.

Once Jay and I get all moved I’m not moving again for a long time! Unless we win the lotto. Then I will pay somebody to come in and pack my stuff for me. 😉

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