Support Your Spouse

Jay eJets Sept 2011This handsome man is my husband. To be fair, he’s only been my husband for a week and a half so we’re still in the “newlywed” stage. However, I have told Jay that I hope our “newlywed” stage lasts for 50+ years.

For any of you who have been married for a while I will wait while you try to stop rolling your eyes. lol

I love Jay with all of my heart. I love who he is and I always want him to be happy. It is not my goal in life to change him. That’s a big mistake that a lot of people make when they get into a relationship; if they don’t like something about their partner they make up their mind to change it. Nope. Not going to happen. If you don’t like part of who that person is then leave them and find somebody else. Jay loves his R/C hobby, whether it’s planes or helicopters, and I don’t have the desire to make him stop participating in it. He works hard and so if he wants to take part of his paycheck and buy a new airplane I’m fine with it, as long as all of the bills are up-to-date and we aren’t tight on money. Jay is responsible enough to realize when he shouldn’t be spending and when he can splurge a little.

At our wedding reception I was informed that I have to stop being so supportive of Jay and his flying hobby. That’s what the wife of one of the guys from the club told me. On my wedding day. As I was standing in my wedding dress. I have to stop being supportive of my husband? Why? She informed me that it made the rest of the wives look bad. I’m sorry, but that’s not my fault. If they truly loved their husbands, and they could afford it, then the other wives should be encouraging their husbands’ hobbies. I know that at least one guy in the club has a very supportive wife, so there’s no way that I’m backing off. In fact, hearing that made me want to support him even more! Don’t tell me to stop showing my husband how much I love him just because you’re unable to do the same for your husband.

A lot of our society is greedy. All they care about is what they can get and what other people can do for them. If that’s how you feel in your relationship then you really need help. Yes, I realize that there are going to be tough times in a marriage and that you are going to be upset with your spouse, but that doesn’t mean that you stop loving them. People have different ways of showing their love, but all of them should include some kind of support. Ladies, if your husband is a huge football fan and that’s the only thing that he really looks forward to each week, then don’t bother him to work on the To Do list during the game. Guys, if your wife loves to sew, encourage her to attend trade shows or subscribe to hobby magazines. It goes both ways. It just seems like guys are getting the short end of the stick.

Stop being so supportive of your husband… sheesh. You might as well tell me to stop breathing! When you love somebody completely you want them to be happy. In order for them to be happy you should be willing to sacrifice some things. For instance, if your husband loves flying RC planes, then you go with him to the field to watch him fly instead of staying at home to cross stitch. Maybe I’m just different. I’m happy when Jay is happy. He has really been great about saving up money for our new house, so I’ve told him that after Christmas is over I really wouldn’t mind if he bought one of the new jets he’s been looking at. I know that he wouldn’t put us in a financial position where we are behind on our bills. I know that he’s smarter than that.

So, I will continue to be supportive of my husband. I will encourage him to buy new airplanes and accessories for those airplanes. I will continue to watch him fly and show off his skills. And I will continue to be the envy of the guys at the field who wish that their wives loved them half as much as I love Jay.


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