CW General Dating Game

Today’s post was actually inspired by a conversation that I had with Jay this past weekend. I don’t even recall how it came up, but he asked me which Civil War General I would date. This was a REALLY tough decision for many reasons. After all, they might be my favorite military guys, but would I want to marry them? Let’s find out, shall we? It’s time for…

The Civil War Dating Game!!

Bachelor #1

Our first bachelor really knows how to set his ‘sites’ on what he wants! Though he lives his life by the ‘Book’, when it’s time to cut loose he is more than capable of pulling the trigger. This bachelor spends his days teaching and his nights ready to cuddle by the fire. You will never have to wonder where he stands for he’s known for standing as a stone wall and strong with his convictions. His first date would include a nice prayer meeting followed by conversation over a glass of lemonade. Say hello to our first bachelor, General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson!

Bachelor #2

Our next bachelor is a quiet Virginian. His lips might not talk much, but his good looks scream, “Wow!” His hobbies include the military, traveling for the military, and performing his military duty. Some of his favorite places to visit are Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, and Manassas. When he’s not in his tent you can find him hanging with his homies, Jackson and Longstreet. His idea of a perfect first date would be a horseback ride in the country. Ladies, please give it up for General Robert E. Lee!

Bachelor #3

Our final bachelor loves a good time, whether it includes a night out on the town or perhaps an evening with friends. His friends call him ‘Pete’, but you can call him yours! A tall and dapper fellow, even while wearing his slippers into battle, your friends will be jealous of this handsome man in uniform. No charging him, ladies. Let’s give a big welcome to General James Longstreet!

I’m sorry if you don’t get some of the jokes that I wrote in there. If you did, then I hope you enjoyed them.

Yes, these are my three favorite Confederate Generals. While I like each of them for different reasons, I would have to say that I would most likely date Longstreet. Jackson was a brilliant military mind and he also had very great faith. However, I think that he would be much too serious for my tastes. Lee was everything that a southern gentleman should be, and rumor has it that he could be quite the ladies’ man. I think that he’s too much of a proper figure for me that I wouldn’t be comfortable dating him, on the off chance that I might do something to upset him. We could definitely be friends, though. Longstreet got my vote because not only was he tall, strong and handsome, but he also had a fun side. Prior to the deaths of his children from illness he was quite the figure, playing cards and cutting up with the other guys in camp. Also, considering I’m a Yankee, I think that he would be the one who would most easily give me a chance. His best friend was Ulysses Grant and he would become a Republican after the War. In fact, many in the south thought of him as a turn-coat and he was not the revered hero that many ex-Confederate Generals became after a time. Despite the fact that he led one of Lee’s divisions, there is only one statue at Gettysburg with Longstreet’s ‘likeness’. It’s not a very pretty statue and it kind of looks like it started to melt in the sun. It’s set back, out of the way, and you have to search for it if you want to see it. Poor Longstreet!

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