Warthog Cross Stitch 7-9-12

The last time that I posted, this is what my cross stitched hog looked like. I was just beginning to use other colors on it and that made me happy because at least they were different shades of blue. lol

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to work on it in the past two weeks, but I have managed to make a little bit of progress.


Please ignore my shadow on the fabric. I have a hard time finding a good place to take a picture at night. I am starting to use some grays and other shades of blue. Because of the light you can’t really see it well, but that puff of gray towards the left is a cloud of smoke. In person you can really kind of see it.


Just as a reminder, this is the picture that I’m stitching. Again, I’m not sure that it’s going to turn out the way that I want, but I’ll do my best. If it doesn’t turn out very well I’ll just say that it’s an Abstract A-10. 😉

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3 Responses to Warthog Cross Stitch 7-9-12

  1. K. Marie says:

    I know how you feel with the colors not showing. I was stitching white on white and had to take a picture of it for my update, imagine that. Lol. I think it’s coming along nicely and you may be pleasantly suprised with how well it turns out in the end.

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