A Baby MiG!

This hot air balloon really doesn’t have anything to do with a baby MiG, except for the fact that it was up at the flying field Friday night. The same night that I was able to see the baby MiG for the first time. I’m just trying to create a little suspense for the unveiling. lol



Here he is! Isn’t he cute???!! We saw one of these fly when we were at SEFF in April. Everything else was grounded because of the wind, but this tiny little MiG flew like it was a calm day. It was the neatest thing to watch. Jay had the hobby shop order one for him, and the guy should really start paying Jay a commission. This guy ordered four in total, with two being spoken for. Within 5 minutes of having the Baby MiG in the air the remaining two had been sold.


It’s so cute when it’s in the air, but it doesn’t have the same nice ‘turbine’ sound as its daddy. That’s okay, though. The guys seem to be having a blast with it. I know that Jay really likes it.




At one point Sam, one of the other guys, had his in the air. The two baby MiG’s were flying in formation. It was work to remember which one was yours, though!















That little jet zips around like it doesn’t have a care in the world. After Jay finished flying this little guy it was my turn to fly. I managed to get in about another 15-20 minutes on the LT-25. This time we practiced landing. I landed about 8 times, with only one assist. Jay says that I’m doing VERY well, but I think that he’s just saying that. lol

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2 Responses to A Baby MiG!

  1. Andrey says:

    Hi there,

    I am a photographer from Vancouver, BC, and I found your photo of the red balloon via google. I ended up using it for a personal project of mine – children’s dreams. It’s a personal project and I am not gaining any financial benefits from it
    I hope you don’t mind I used your photo 🙂 Here’s the final result:
    Don't go!


    • Andrey,

      Wow! That is gorgeous! I have zero talent when it comes to photography or even just art (I always had my lowest grades in art when I was in school), so I am really impressed that you were able to take my picture and create something so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with me!


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