A Very GREAT Day

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems like nothing bothers you? Where you can find the humor in almost anything? Where all you do is laugh and laugh, without the aid of alcohol?? I had a very good day yesterday.

Most of it was due to the company that I was keeping. Jay and I have been dating for almost a year already, and yet it seems like it’s been so much longer than that. Life is good when you can find somebody who will give you a hug when you are down and then be able to tease your frown into a giggle. Jay is very good at that.

We took the A-10 up to the field to fly and were joined by a few of the other guys. The weather was hot, the biting flies were out, but there were plenty of laughs and good-natured teasing going on. It was a good day.




The Hog flew beautifully, like always, and everybody marveled at how great it looked in the sky. I was overflowing with pride because Jay had built that practically from scratch and it is so beautiful. I wasn’t proud that I was dating this guy who is so talented. I was proud for Jay because he was receiving the accolades that he fully deserves. He is so talented! Maybe not everybody would appreciate that, but I do.

After we left the field we went out to dinner. I was in a very giddy mood and Jay noted that perhaps I’d had too much to drink. I hardly think that one wine cooler and one small mudslide constitute too much to drink. We were having a great time, though. A much better time than the couple who were sitting across the bar from us. We think that it was a first date. I enjoy people watching, and last night was no exception. This date was not going well. He was doing his best to engage her, sitting sideways at the bar to face her with his complete attention right at her. She was sitting facing the bar, arms crossed across her chest, eyes on the TV on the wall, and her phone sitting on the bar in front of her. There was very little eye contact and she didn’t hesitate to pick up the phone to reply to a text or answer a call. I felt so bad for the poor guy. Actually, I felt bad for both of them because they had to put up with seeing Jay and I across from them, having a blast. And no, it was not because of my alcoholic drinks. lol

My message to anybody who is single and reading this blog: Don’t settle for ‘good enough’. Keep looking until you find that one person who can instantly put a smile on your face and who makes you laugh. Just for who they are.

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