The only constant thing in life is change. A lot of people are not good with change. Some people thrive on it. Others don’t worry about it until they are confronted and have no other choice. As for myself, I’m weird when it comes to change. There are times when I look forward to it, and even crave it. Other times I dread it and hope that it doesn’t ever come.

I like to use the excuse that my astrological sign is Gemini, so therefore I get bored easily and need to try new and interesting things. Except, that’s not necessarily true. When I have an established routine, especially at work, I don’t like for somebody to come along and change it. Maybe it’s not so much the change as having somebody else tell me that I have to change. I tend to get stubborn and dig my heels in at that point. At least, as much as I can.

The thing that bothers me the most is when I have been trying to make some changes and it’s not working! For instance, you read about the people who just have to stop drinking pop and they lose 20 pounds in a month. I think that they lost it and I found it! lol. It seems like no matter how many salads I eat for lunch, or how many miles I walk, that I’m never going to lose any weight. *Sigh* It can get a bit frustrating.

I have been trying to do things to make myself happy lately. After being at work for ten hours during the week, I come home and do things around the house. I work in my yard, tending my vegetables, or I work around the house trying to keep the cat fur at a minimal level. But at 9 pm, I get to stop everything and do whatever I want. That might consist of writing a post for my blog, or I turn on a movie and spend the next hour and a half cross stitching. No, I don’t have a family to care for or worry about, but I have a full schedule of things that need to get done. I have very lazy cats and they refuse to do any chores while I’m at work. Stinkin’ cats! Perhaps I’m also being selfish trying to fit everything in during the week so that I can spend my entire weekend with Jay. Thus I have been trying to eliminate things from my life that stress me out and frustrate me. It’s my life and I deserve to be happy.

So I’m working on changes in my life. Good ones. Ones that make me happy. Ones that eliminate some frustrations and stress. Wish me luck!

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