Some Nights – Fun

A few months ago I posted on my blog about the video for the song We Are Young by a newish group (at least to me) that calls themself Fun. Despite my confusion with the video and the lyrics, I LOVE this song. Thus when I heard their latest release I immediately fell in love and had to check out YouTube to see if there was a video.

I was NOT disappointed. The bad thing is that I think that I’ve fallen even more in love with this group. If you watched the above video, and you know me well enough, you will understand why. At the top of my blog you will notice that I have a picture of a row of cannons on Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg. I am a HUGE Civil War fan. And what did Fun do in their latest video… they used the Civil War as a back-drop!!!! I have to admit that when I watch the video I don’t hear the lyrics, I just drool over the uniforms, rifles, and the overall battle appearance. The music is pretty good, too. It kind of has a celtic feel to it, I think.

There is only one thing that I really don’t like about the song. They use autotune in it at one point. This guy has a good enough voice that I don’t feel he should be using it for effect, especially when the images you are seeing are supposed to be from the 19th century. Despite that, I think that I might love this song more than We Are Young. I will probably bite the bullet and download their entire album off of iTunes.


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