My Sweetie’s A Star!! :-)

It seems like forever ago, but at the end of April Jay and I went down to Americus, Georgia to attend SEFF. SEFF is a huge fun fly for guys who fly electric air craft. If you fly anything on nitro or a fuel of any sort, your kind was not welcomed there. Well, unless your name was Mac Hodges and you just happened to own the field where the event was taking place.


Anyway, while we were there Jay’s MiG-15 really attracted a lot of attention. At one point he was asked to give an interview to a guy with a professional camera and sound equipment. How exciting! The guy never gave us a card or anything with the website written down, so I had to quickly text it to Jay by reading it off of the back of the guy’s t-shirt. I’m talking this was a REAL professional! 😉

We had never heard of this guy, or his company, so when we got home we looked up the website. Apparently he travels to all of these events, takes video, conducts interviews, and then produces DVDs with a ton of highlights from the event. For the past almost two months I’ve been stalking the site, waiting for him to post video from SEFF. This morning it was finally there! I watched the trailer… and there was my sweetie! I was so excited that of course I had to order the video. It was really exciting to see the event again and I wished that I was back there.

If you have a moment, please go take a look and enjoy SEFF 2012 with us!

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