Feeling the Blahs

Don’t you hate it when you’re sick? It’s amazing what one little cold can do to you. You can’t breathe through your nose, so you breathe through your mouth and end up with a sore throat. Your head feels all wonky. Your eyes and lips feel warm. You can’t really taste food. You have zero energy. And the guilt! That’s the worst part for me. I left work early yesterday because I couldn’t stop sneezing and my nose was raw. So I lost half of a day of work, which means that I’m hesitant to ask for next Friday afternoon off. I hate to take off too much time all at once.

I’m feeling guilty because we’ve had a couple of decent nice days and I should be out in the yard working. My dad has decided that he really only needs to build me one new planter because the other one will still work. Which means that I need to get out there and plant something. I usually try to have my garden planted by Memorial Day, but that didn’t happen this year. What am I doing instead? I’m watching “Say Yes to the Dress” and wondering if my eyeballs could actually catch on fire. I think that they would melt instead of catching on fire, though. Right? They are just a gelatinous substance so I would think that it would ooze and melt.

I shouldn’t watch this program. This girl was happy about getting a sale dress for $1,699, which I suppose is a good deal considering it was $2,399. I guess that I’m not the typical woman. I don’t want to spend a ton of money on a dress that I’m only going to wear for a few hours. Actually, I didn’t spend a lot of money on my dress. When/if I get married I already have the dress of my dreams and at the price of my dreams. It’s drop-dead gorgeous, suits me perfectly, and was $169, marked down from $700. I didn’t fall in love with the dress because of the price. I fell in love with it for how it looks. I would explain it and show pictures, but then you wouldn’t be surprised when I eventually get to post pictures from my wedding day. 😉

Okay. I’ve rambled on for long enough. Hopefully I will be back to my abnormal self by this weekend. 🙂

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