It’s Friday!!!!

It’s Friday!!! Woo-hoo!! I’m still sick, but knowing that it’s the weekend somehow seems to perk me up. That and I get to spend the weekend with this guy


<Insert HUGE grin>


Do you have anything exciting going on this weekend? It’s supposed to be gorgeous here so I’m hoping to get some more time on the sticks (aka flying a RC plane). There’s also a chance that we might maiden the ‘Hog this weekend, too! I hope that I remember to take pictures so that I can share it with you guys. I tend to get excited about something or involved in it and then I forget that I have a camera in my hands. Thus the reason why I did not become a photographer. 😉

Was your week at least somewhat productive? Despite being sick I stopped and bought some tomato plants (beef steak and cherry) and some green pepper plants. I got a really good deal on them, more than likely because it’s so late in the season. So I planted those last night in the one raised bed that will remain as is. The other one has to be replaced, and my dad is going to do that for me, but I really wanted to get my plants going. What did I do? I had saved the plastic containers that my flowers and other plants came in, so I filled them with dirt from the garden, planted the seeds in there, and covered them up. I then left them sitting in the garden that will be replaced as soon as my dad can get to it. I figured that if I can at least get the seeds growing then once the garden is ready I can easily plant them. Sound like a plan? I have to admit that last night as I was doing dishes and looking out at my little garden plot, it really made me feel good to see plants in there. And not weeds. Most natural-growing things hate me and cause my allergies to flare, and yet I still love the feeling of planting and growing my own produce. Maybe it’s due to my farming roots.

I come from a long line of farmers. You hear about the people who can trace their family trees back to Queen Elizabeth or King Henry the 8th, or even to King Arthur. Not me. If there was an exalted peasant, then I could claim some fame. lol. Actually, here’s an interesting story for you. About ten years ago I was trying to find out more about my dad’s family and the origin of our surname. It’s been an argument in the family where half claim that it’s French and others claim that it’s German. In the hopes of putting the disagreement to rest I did some research and asked a question on (a wonderful resource if you’re into Genealogy). According to this one guy who had done a lot of research on it our surname can be traced to both Germany and France, but he traced it back even further. Are you ready for this? According to this gentleman our surname can be traced all the way back to Troy. That’s right, the city that was taken down by a wooden horse. The light went on and it suddenly all made sense! Of course we were at Troy! I’m betting that it was a couple of my relatives who were on guard duty at the gate that night. They were sitting there, insulting each other for the fun of it, when they hear a knock on the gate. Peeking their heads through, they see this giant horse with a ‘FREE’ sign on it. They walk up to it, knock on it to see what it was all about, and then talked it over. I can hear the conversation now…

Dana – Look! A giant wooden horse! And it’s free! Let’s take it into the City!

John – Are you sure? I mean, who would have left a giant wooden horse outside of the City?

Dana – Who cares?! It says that it’s free! If we pull this into the City and tear it apart we won’t have to cut firewood for a month.

John – Okay! Grab onto that rope there and we’ll haul it in!

LOL… Sorry, that makes me laugh. I wish that you could know my family to understand just how likely it is that exact conversation happened. So whenever anybody asks the origins of my surname I just tell them that it’s Trojan. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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