Easter Weekend :-)

I hope that everybody had a great Easter weekend. I know that I sure did. It’s always nice having an extra day off of work. I told Jay today that one of us has to win the lottery soon so that neither one of us has to work! My family doesn’t have that kind of luck so I guess that it’s up to Jay. Hopefully he’s luckier than I am.

I know that he’s more graceful! Would you like to hear a story about how I hurt my toe? No, I did not kick it into the leg of the couch nor did I drop something on it. Oh no! We can’t be injuring ourselves in any kind of typical or normal way. Nope. Not for Kerry! Let me tell you a story about why I did not become a ballet dancer…

Last Wednesday I decided that I was going to do some rearranging in my front bedroom (the one that is going to become my library, once I have all of my books and some new bookshelves in there). I had stuffed my filing cabinet into the closet to get it out of the way while I painted. Let me remind you what that looks like.

Take note of the silver track for the closet door that is on the floor. This plays a big part in what happened. Being who I am, I decided not to empty the filing cabinet. Instead I made sure that the drawers were locked and then picked it up to manhandle it over into the corner. It was quite heavy, so I started to shuffle my feet along; first the left and then the right, and then… *POP* and pain in my right foot. My toes had been resting in the track of the closet door, and I was afraid that when I shuffled my foot along that I had ripped it open. When I finally set the cabinet down in its spot and arranged it to how I wanted it, I looked down to see if there was any blood. There wasn’t! But there was still a lot of pain. I thought that I had broken my toe, but after talking to my mom (who has broken her baby toes so many times that she doesn’t have a joint left in them) I determined that I might have sprained them. My Roast Beef toe was swollen to about twice its size, and the two below it were a bit puffy, too. You know, my Roast Beef toe… this little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef…

Please excuse the state of my toe nails. I had plans of redoing the polish the night that I hurt my toe. I just hadn’t made it to that point of my To Do list. The good news is that I don’t think that I sprained it. I think that I just broke the blood vessel. It’s still a bit sore, but I’m no longer limping. Now it just looks like I’m wearing a purple toe ring. lol

Despite my injury, I soldiered on. Jay and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather that we had on Saturday. Well, it was mostly beautiful. The wind wasn’t nice at all. Jay only took two jets with him, but it was enough to enjoy our time at the field. The Mig (the red one) has had some alterations done to it and I was excited to get to hear them.


It was very hard to get a picture while Jay was flying it because it really moves along! The great thing is that because of the fan he used, you can’t hardly hear the jet at all. Not like some of his other ones. We had quite a few spectators yesterday and they were all impressed with it as well. Perhaps some day I will be good enough to fly this one. đŸ™‚


After leaving the flying field we headed up to my parents’ house. My sister is up for Easter so we went over for dinner. It was a great time, and Jay was excited to be able to shoot my dad’s .44 pistol. We went clear out by the pond because this gun is LOUD. My dad asked me if I wanted a turn. No thank you! I would like to be able to use my arm this week. lol. It has quite a kick to it.


After tossing a stout limb out into the pond Jay had a great time blasting through almost an entire box of shells. Next time we will need to remember ear protection, though.




It was a great weekend. I only wish that it had been longer. Next weekend we head out to Toledo for the big trade show, then the weekend after that we head south to visit my sister and then hang out at SEFF! Woo-hoo!

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