Month End Close

Today was one of those days when I wish that I was a drinker. I would be three sheets to the wind right now if that was the case. I was at work yesterday, on a Sunday, from noon to 7. This morning I was in at a little after 7… and left twelve hours later. Yes, I worked through lunch and everything. My coworker, however, didn’t feel that it was necessary to work through his lunch. I think that he put in an entire 15 minutes extra tonight. I sure hope that he didn’t exhaust himself!

Yes, I’m a bit grumpy. For one thing I accidentally left my allergy medicine at Jay’s and I can’t get anymore until later this week. So my sinuses are stuffed. Plus, I just went to turn on my heated mattress pad to start warming up the bed and guess what I found? Somebody had hacked up a nice little present for me. So now the sheets are in the washer and I need to get a clean set out of the closet. *sigh*

Do you know where I would like to be right now? Cuddled up to my sweetie…

My camera doesn’t take very good pictures in low light. But that’s okay. I know how hot he is in person and that’s all that matters to me. Plus, he’s very comfortable. When he’s sitting like this I help myself to his shoulder and his blanket. It works out nicely for me. lol

Do you want to hear the definition of irony?? Irony – when Kerry has to leave Jay’s house at 11 a.m. on a Sunday so that she can be to work by noon, and Jay has the night off. 😦  I figure that it’s just God’s sense of humor since he knows that in less than three weeks I will be with Jay for slightly over a week on our vacation. Poor Jay! Don’t you feel bad for him? lol

We had dinner with his dad and sister this weekend. That was a nice dinner. Interesting in some respects and somewhat revealing to me in others. The most interesting thing was when his dad told me that the entire family loves me and they all feel that Jay has found a really great woman, FINALLY. lol. From what I’ve heard he hasn’t really had the best taste in women prior to me. Later I was joking with him and said that he is stuck with me now because if something were to happen and we break up, his entire family is going to be upset. Starting with his mom and grandma (who are the biggest sweethearts).

Anyway, I just have to make it through a few more days and then I get a long weekend with Jay. I can’t wait. I start missing him as soon as I begin packing up my stuff to head home on Sundays. Yes, I have it bad.

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