K is for Karen Cross Stitch

Jay’s mom has asked me to sew together a cover for her passport. Up to this point she just had a plain old envelope for it, and that just was not pretty enough. Sure, we could have glued rhinestones to it and drawn some pretty flowers on it with markers, but that just wouldn’t have been the same. I thought that what I would do is cross stitch a ‘K’ on it because her name is Karen. Makes sense, right? I seriously considered doing an ‘R’ for a little bit because I liked the rose that was part of the design, but I figured that I should probably stick with the ‘K’. While at Jay’s this weekend I started it and managed to get quite a bit done.

As you can see I’m stitching it over two on 28 ct Opalescent evenweave. It is sparkly and very pretty. 🙂 I think that this will be cute once I have it all together.

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