The Right to Contraception??

If you have read, or heard, the national news today you might have heard about a hearing that took place yesterday in front of the House Democratic Steering and Policy committee regarding Obama’s latest edict that church-based organizations (schools, hospitals, etc) would have to provide health care coverage for contraception and abortion. A few weeks ago I posted on my blog about the Catholic Church’s response to this edict, and I again urge you to stand with the Catholics and refuse to go along with this latest overreach of government authority.

According to Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown Law student (and the only person to testify in front of this committee on this matter), the edict from the Obama administration must remain in place because women on her campus are going broke due to the high cost of contraception. Miss Fluke says, “Without insurance coverage, contraception, as you know, can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school.” (Spokane Conservative Examiner) She goes on to say that for students who are in her position, studying law on a scholarship, it’s practically an entire summer’s salary. When it was suggested that she choose a different school that will provide contraception Miss Fluke became upset and stated that she was being asked to make a choice between her education and her health simply because she’s a woman.

As a woman, I feel that I have the right to stand up and dispute a few things that dear Sandra has said. First off, when did FREE contraceptives become a right?? I’ve checked the Bill of Rights in our Constitution and nowhere does it say that we have the right to free contraceptives no matter our religious affiliation. This is what happens when you raise a generation of children with the entitlement mentality. Participation trophies and being unable to tell a child when they have done wrong is the cause of this. We can’t be negative! Everybody should feel good about themselves! We must not ruin their self esteem! Guess what, kiddos? Life isn’t fair! As my dad would say, “Not til the end of July.” Whenever we told him that something wasn’t fair, that’s what we heard because our County fair is always held the last week of July. Only then would it be ‘fair’. Nothing in life is free. Nothing. There is a cost to everything, whether it’s monetary and you’re paying it or your neighbor is paying it. Free cable? Nope. That’s stealing. Free food? Nope, it has cost something to somebody along the way. Freedom? Nope, there are thousands of soldiers who sacrificed to ensure our freedom. So NOTHING is free. Sorry, Sandra. You might have to take an extra shift at the grease pit in order to afford your birth control pills.

As for the cost of contraception, I am curious as to what her definition of ‘contraception’ might be. You see, I worked in a drug store when I was in high school so I’ve stocked the various forms of birth control that exist out there. If her female classmates are spending $3,000 on condoms then I think that there is a much bigger problem going on. I have two thoughts on this… 1) Why aren’t the guys sharing in the cost of the contraceptives? 2) They are law students! Shouldn’t they be studying and not worrying about who they are going to sleep with tonight?? It’s no wonder that we get such slimy lawyers out there! How are they passing the bar exams? Are they ‘scoring’ in more ways than one? I know that you will find this hard to believe, but college is supposed to be where you go to get an education. Not where you go to get some action. I know! It shocks a lot of people. When I was in college I was too busy trying to pass tests and do homework. I wasn’t worried about how many guys I was going to sleep with (by the way, that number was a big whopping ZERO). Perhaps these women wouldn’t be as worried about paying for birth control if they were actually having to pay for their schooling! If cost really is a factor, though, as a former seller of drugs (pharmaceutical and completely legal), I can tell you that the cheapest form of birth control is…. ABSTINENCE.

Yes, shocking. I know. The thought that you could actually ABSTAIN from sex?? The world might come to an end. I assure you that this is the cheapest form of birth control! In the entire history of the world there has only been one time when abstinence resulted in a pregnancy. One time. So, unless you look out your front window to find camels on your lawn and a huge star blazing above your house, I think that you can be assured that you won’t get pregnant by going with this method.

This post is getting rather long, but I have one more point to make regarding Miss Fluke’s testimony. She claims that by choosing another school to attend she would have to be making a choice between her education or her health. Now, I know that there are some women who take the pill for medical reasons. I was one of them. However, if 40% of the women on campus are on birth control for medical reasons then I think that the Attorney General should be looking into the situation because something is not right! I have another fact for Miss Fluke, though. There are some serious risks that come with any kind of hormonal birth control. This includes pills, IUDs, the shot, or the latest NuvaRing. The reason that these work is because they change your hormone levels and trick your body into not releasing an egg. This way nothing gets fertilized and you should not be able to get pregnant. These methods are not 100% guaranteed to work and you are always cautioned that you should use a second method if you need to prevent pregnancy or STDs. When you mess with your hormones your body reacts in various ways. The most serious risks that you run with these kinds of birth control are strokes, blood clots and heart attacks. You can say, “Oh, those are so minimal that I’m willing to take the chance!” Remember that I said I was on birth control for medical reasons? My doctor ended up taking me off of them because a) it wasn’t working and b) my blood pressure was going through the roof. I normally have low blood pressure so this was a serious issue. As soon as my body was cleared of the extra hormones my blood pressure came down and normalized. Now I’m not allowed to go back onto any kind of hormonal birth control and it doesn’t bother me a bit.

Not convinced? Here are some news stories regarding birth control pills, and I admit that not all of them are about serious health risks, but they are enough of a concern that you shouldn’t rely on just the pill:

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1 Response to The Right to Contraception??

  1. Jamie says:

    It is amazing that only ONE woman got to testify, isn’t it? As one of the commentators on the news yesterday pointed out (in a rare moment of lucidity), this entire debacle is completely unnecessary! Women who want contraception are currently getting it. No part of this debate is about providing for women who are currently lacking anything.

    Furthermore, it’s really about only a small percentage of the insurance companies/policies in the country. I have personally never understood the perverse mentality that must exist for someone to insist on being employed in a job for which they are not an ideological fit. Why would you want to work for a company with strong values if they ran opposite to your own? What on earth makes you think it’s going to be a successful situation for either party?

    I did appreciate the comments on abstinence, though… I, too, will testify that getting good grades in college usually means keeping your legs shut, working your butt off and applying your energy to school and work – not sleeping around!

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