Locks of Love

I finally did it. I cut my hair. Last week I’d finally had enough. All day at work I kept getting it caught between my chair and my desk, so it was constantly tugging and pulling. If you’ve never had that happen to you, then please understand that it becomes annoying pretty quickly. I was going over to my parents’ that night anyway, so when I got there I asked my mom to cut it. I wanted to donate it to Locks of Love so that I would at least know that it was going to a good cause. However, in order to donate they like 10″ of length, minimum. When all was said and done I think that I ended up taking off close to 12″. A week and a half after getting it cut somebody in my office finally noticed it. Nice, eh?









The ‘Before’ picture was taken this past summer. Yes, I needed a trim. I was a bit worried that after taking the weight off of the ends that my hair would frizz up because it has a lot of body and volume in it naturally. So far I’ve been lucky. It tends to get a lot curlier and you can kind of see that the waves have become larger and more pronounced. Still rather beautiful. Just not shockingly long. lol

The strange thing is that technically it’s still considered to be very long. To me, though, it feels like I’ve been scalped! I’m getting used to it, slowly. I do like the fact that when I get dressed I don’t have to remove it from the waistband of my skirts or pants. And it’s nice knowing that if I bend down to tie my shoes I don’t have to get my hair out of the way so that I don’t tie it up in the laces. lol

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