Liquid Lunch

Ever had one of those days? Of course you have! So far I’ve had one of those years. Most of it has to do with work. Anything wacky that could go wrong has gone wrong. If it wasn’t for the hair dye I would have a full head of gray hair!

The day started out kind of weird. I had a dream last night that I went with my sister and a family friend to some teaching seminar that my sister was attending. I just went along for the trip. Except, the trip was in a local town here so it really wasn’t that much of a trip. We stayed in this really luxurious hotel and our room was actually a suite. There was a main, connecting sitting room and off of it were two bedrooms. My sister had gone to her seminar so I was trying to decide what I wanted to do in my free time. Our friend was sitting there with me in our room when we heard the door open. We figured it was my sister, so we waited, but she never came in. I went out into the sitting room and found this dirt bag guy just leaving. He had come into the room, done who knows what, and left! I went in and told my friend what I’d seen and as I was telling the story I heard the door open again. It was a different dirt bag guy! He came in, went into the bathroom, was in there for a little bit and then left. WHAT??!! How did they have keys to our room? We called the front desk and the manager came up. As we were telling her what was going on yet another dirt bag guy entered the room and helped himself to the bathroom. None of them ever said a word to me. The manager told me there wasn’t much she could do about it. Excuse me??!! I told her that she could either switch us to a new room or else give us our money back and we would go elsewhere. In the middle of this I’ve taken all of our stuff and hidden it in one of the bedrooms so that I didn’t have to worry about it being stolen. Then my sister calls up and asks if I could drive to where she was because she had left her lights on and her battery was dead. She had jumper cables, she just needed another vehicle. I told her that I couldn’t because I was guarding our stuff. She was confused. lol. That’s about the time that I woke up. Weird, eh?

This morning at work was a real headache. Most of us were thinking that we could use a liquid lunch. It’s not going to solve our problems, but it will make us not care about them for a little bit. lol

One more random thought… I cut my hair last Wednesday and donated it to Locks of Love (I will post pictures later). It’s not drastically short, but it feels short to me. I must have cut about 12″ off of it, but apparently it still looks long because I didn’t have anybody in my department mention it until today. Yep. Over a week goes by with these people seeing me every day and they didn’t notice that I was missing 12″ of hair. The other day in the ladies’ room one of the ladies from the floor was in there. She stopped and said, “You cut your hair!” That was the first time that I’d seen her since doing it. Weird that she would notice, eh?

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