As I’m doing laundry tonight and attempting to put my unmentionables away, I can’t help but think about our grandparents and their laundry. Years and years ago people didn’t have many clothes unless they were well-to-do. If you’ve ever owned an old farmhouse you will know the frustration of small closets. You wonder how in the world they could have survived with so few clothes. Think about it. Personally, I have clothes for work; clothes for fancier events; old clothes for yard work and maintenance-type of projects; clothes for working out; clothes just for hanging around the house; and don’t forget about night clothes.

Years ago you could pack all that you own into one suitcase. ONE suitcase! I can’t even imagine. My mom tells me the story that when she first married my dad they didn’t have much more than a suitcase a piece.

Why do we suddenly need to own more clothes than our grandmothers did? Is it due to our need for materialistic stuff? Is it our excessive greed? Or perhaps it’s because the times, they are a-changing? For instance, when women didn’t have jobs they had their every day around the house clothes, perhaps a ‘visiting’ outfit, and then their Sunday dress. If nobody else is going to see you then a couple of dresses could get you through the entire week. Now that we’ve gained equal rights we go out into the world five days a week in our business attire. When we get home we have to change out of that and into our house pants. Also, we are changing our underwear every day (at least, I hope we are!). Can you imagine how fewer pairs of underwear you needed back before cars were invented? After all, we only change them because we don’t want the paramedics seeing that we’re wearing dirty underwear if we’re in a car accident, right? 😉

Is that why old ladies wear perfume? They don’t wash their clothes nearly as often because they don’t have as many clothes, so they think that they can disguise the smell of dirty clothes in this fashion? That’s just my own mind wandering so please don’t take any offense. Unlike my nose when it’s assaulted by old lady perfume. lol

Anyway, that’s just what I was thinking about tonight as I was doing my laundry. The phone company came out to take a look at my line today because I contacted them last night about my photo issue. The woman I was in contact with said that my signal strength was low. She told me that a service person would call me today, but guess what?? I work during the hours of 8-5 so they came when I wasn’t here and could only look at the line outside of the house. Apparently there was a broken wire that they fixed (I don’t know how they missed that when they installed the phone two weeks ago). They thought that should solve my problem. NOPE. I feel like calling them back, but it won’t do any good unless I can actually be at the house to let the service person inside. The cats aren’t allowed to answer the door, so I can’t have them do that. And with all of the crap I’m dealing with at work it’s not going to be easy for me to take a day off. STUPID WINDSTREAM!!


P.S.- Have I mentioned how much I HATE living in this City??

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  1. Jamie says:

    I'm so sorry your internet still isn't fixed! Doesn't it amaze you that companies whose entire business is SERVICE function on banker's hours, even though nine out of ten American families have no one home during those hours? How does that work, exactly? As for clothes, I definitely agree with you! I have cut my wardrobe in half since I left Panera. With my work clothes, nice clothes and "visiting" clothes now being the same, it saves me a ton of money and space! Incidentally, if we all have so much more clothing, why do people still go to the grocery store in their pajamas? 😛

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