This has become the pictorial version of my life lately. 

Here’s why…

1) It doesn’t make sense. Why can I stream Netflix, upload pictures to Facebook, and even play games online with my internet, but I can’t upload a simple picture to my blog??!!

2) At first things seem great, fine even, but as you dig down you see how it becomes more and more bizarre. Fits me to a tee. lol

3) It makes you just want to give up. *sigh* Life is exhausting me so please bear with my ranting posts until I can get this figured out. If I ever have TIME to talk with the tech people at my ISP. That’s impossible to do when you’re working 11 hour days without even taking time for lunch. Yet a certain coworker manages to find time to take his complete one hour lunch PLUS leave on time!!! I won’t get into that rant here.

Thank you very much.

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