Living Room Update

Hello! Long time, no see! I haven’t had internet at home, but I’ve been getting a lot done. lol With the help of my sister I have managed to get most of the totes that I had in my spare bedroom unpacked. Lots of stuff got thrown out and others are being donated. After all, I’m only one person. How many juice glasses could I possibly need??

Just because I enjoy showing the transition I’m going to show you the living room as it looked before the paint went on the walls:

To be a little dramatic I will skip the middle pictures and take you immediately to my most recent ones.

If you scroll back up to the first ‘Before’ picture my curio cabinet sits about where that paper bag is sitting against the wall. The room looks so much bigger without anything in it. Wow. I just noticed that my poor music shelf appears to be bowing underneath the weight of my books. Oops. lol

That is Chester in the picture. She is currently perched on a gift that I have to give my best friend, Pauline. I’ve asked Chester what she was going to do when that was no longer there. She looked at me and told me that I would just have to wrap up another box for her to sit on. *sigh* She’s such a spoiled cat! In this picture you can also see the wine rack that Jay made me. Isn’t it gorgeous??

I didn’t know what I was going to do with my grandma’s curio cabinet, but I had a slight idea. Well, as I was going through a tote yesterday, looking for something else, I stumbled upon some of my Lincoln memorabilia. That took the high spot of honor. I had also managed to collect a few sets of wine glasses (guess it’s a good thing Jay made me a wine rack!), so those went in there, too. Here’s a close up look:

It’s not the best picture, but it does give you an idea. No, Betsy Ross doesn’t exactly fit in with the Civil War theme on the second shelf, but I have a soft spot for her since I was born on Flag Day. Actually, I have a soft spot for anything patriotic, but I don’t have a whole lot of patriotic stuff. I’m not much of a knick-knack person because then that requires dusting. I hate dusting. I would rather clean a bathroom than dust, but there are some things that I just can’t resist and so I have some dusting to do. Oh well.

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