Warthog Project 12-18-11

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve updated things on the Warthog. Progress has been made, but I haven’t been here to see it. I really wish you could see how big this thing is in person. It’s amazing to see it all put together.

Since the last time I posted about it the fuselage has been glassed and glazed, plus a few other things have taken place.

First off, the nose was glued on:

Remember the pointy things that go on the wings as a sort of decorative piece?

They have been attached permanently to the jet.

The other thing that has happened is that the wingtips have been shaped. This is what the shaped wingtip originally looked like:

The block of balsa wood was glued onto the end of the wing and then sanded into shape. What shape? This shape:

Another view:

Jay did such a great job on these that I want to brag a little more and show it off at one more angle:

Isn’t that pretty? Okay, maybe I should redefine my definition of pretty. lol

But wait! What happened while we had our backs turned? Jay and I became the proud parents of two baby A-10’s!

Aren’t they adorable? *sheds a tear* They grow up so quickly! Look, the adolescent warthog even has the same wingtip as its daddy:

The baby, however, is still quite attached to its daddy. What’s better than a piggy back ride from your daddy?

Awwww!!!! Feel free to share this with other people when they ask, “Do you know what the cutest thing is?” You already have the answer. It’s this! lol

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