Updated House Pictures

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve posted on here. Or, maybe the fact that I’m addicted to the internet and haven’t had any access at home is what makes it feel like that. I will get internet access at my house on the 27th, but until then I have to steal time online when I can. I have been driving around town until I found an unsecured wireless connection that I could get onto. If this post suddenly ends it’s because the cops have come to chase me off. 😉

I moved in last Saturday and I have finally managed to get my kitchen under control. I didn’t do a lot in this room. I’ve basically just cleaned it and put my stuff in there. That doesn’t sound like much, but when there’s an inch-deep layer of dust and dog hair that’s a lot of work that had to be done.

Here is what it looked like when you first walked into the kitchen before:

Obviously this was when I was working on the house and this was the base of operations. It really drove me crazy to have everything all piled up and crazy like this. I have finally managed to get it somewhat under control.

No, it doesn’t look very different. Yes, the washer and dryer are still in the kitchen. We’re trying to stop the leak into the basement so that I can move the machines downstairs. Where the water is leaking in is exactly where the washer and dryer belong, so it will probably be spring before I can move them out and get to work on the kitchen. I have managed to make it my own a little bit. Here’s a shot of my counter:

Isn’t the snowman cute? That was a house warming gift from Jay’s mom. It’s one of the few festive pieces that I have displayed in my house right now. I’m too busy trying to get things unpacked to worry about Christmas decorations. Yes, the ‘GF’ on my toaster stands for gluten free. When I was at my parents’ that’s how I had to let people know not to use my toaster.

The entry way before and after:

And finally the view from the Living room:

Again, not a lot of change. The livingroom, though, has shrunk. It’s amazing how small it feels when there’s furniture in there.

The drapes are still in really good shape so I just washed them to remove the dust and animal fur. The litter box will eventually go in the basement once Chester is no longer afraid to go down there. *sigh*

If you’re wondering, the white ‘sticks’ in the picture are actually Bob’s eyebrow whiskers. It took me a minute to realize what they were. I was sitting on the loveseat and Bob feels that if I’m sitting then he needs to be on my lap. You’ll see pictures of that later. When my dad moved the piano in he told me that if I moved again he was NOT moving the piano. *Sigh* I guess that I should take up playing the flute or something. 😉

Isn’t Bob cute? This is his permanent position lately. He has become the Velcro Kitty. He’s not spoiled or anything.

Nope… not at all. lol Chester wanted a chance to get into the picture, too.

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