My House Progress

Finally I can say that it looks like I’ve been doing something at my house. I’ve been working there every night after I get out of my paid job. I’ve done a lot, but you couldn’t tell that I had done anything. It was starting to get rather discouraging. The paint has finally started to go up on the walls and the house is starting to look finished. Not all of the rooms are done, but enough are so that I can move in on Saturday.

I bought a vanity and sink this past weekend so my dad stopped by on Monday to help me install it. It’s so nice having a big sink in there! Just to show the difference, here was the bathroom when I first got the house:

Here is what it looks like now:

Not much of a difference, is there? 😉

The living room now has two coats of paint on it. The first one was a bit splotchy, so I did it again. I haven’t painted the trim, but it’s amazing what a difference a coat of paint will do.



A shot of the front window in the living room

Then I decided that I was going to paint my bedroom blue. I picked out a color and put it on the wall, and BOY! Is it blue!! The picture really doesn’t show the true color. Think of how blue the caribbean ocean is, and that is close. lol



Is that blue or what?? When I was painting I had to laugh because I had blue paint all over my hands and it looked like I had been murdering smurfs or something. lol My intention is to eventually do a ragging technique in white over the top of it to tone it down a little, but I won’t have time for that this week. It will have to wait.

A couple more before and after pictures of the bedroom

The last room that has been painted is my second bedroom. This is the guest room and also where I will be stashing my stitching supplies. It will have a white metal daybed in it.



More before and after pictures of the guest bedroom (please excuse the drop cloths…)

I really like that shade of green. It’s calming and soothing… for when I need to get away from the Smurf Blue in my bedroom. 😉

Moving day is Saturday so I have been trying to pack my things, and even enlisting my mom’s help with that, but it seems endless. Even Bob has been helping.


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1 Response to My House Progress

  1. Jamie says:

    Wow – I love it! The paint makes a HUGE difference in those rooms. And the bathroom looks so much better with the new floor and vanity – so excited for you! :0)

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