Already?? Are you serious??

Yes, I feel the same way. Where did the summer go? Is it just me or does it feel like the snow has just barely melted?

Well, fear not my faithful reader. September is going to be SUPER busy for me! I have the following events coming up this month: Air show in Cleveland, Gluten Freedom Day in Buffalo, Celiac Awareness Walk in Erie, a Civil War lecture on Gettysburg National Military Park in Erie, a dentist appointment in Jamestown, and I know that there are more things happening… I will be sure to fill you in on as many as I possibly can.

Oh! And I finished my angel square tonight that I was stitching! I will post a picture of that once it has been taken. lol

To help make the beginning of September a little easier to take I have included a picture of Joey. Why? Because everything is easier to handle if you have Joey to gaze upon. Isn’t he precious??!

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