Back to School

Schools all over the country are opening their doors as parents jump for joy! The school year has begun!

Now, I don’t know what it was like when you were younger, but my family couldn’t afford to buy me and my sister brand new clothes every year. If we needed new gym shoes or jeans we would get them, but otherwise we didn’t do any kind of special school shopping. Today’s kids think that it’s inhumane treatment if they don’t get a complete set of brand new clothing in the latest styles and trends. They are entitled to it!

At work we have ‘Toilet Talk’ in our bathroom stalls. These are papers that have various facts and information listed on them. This month there is a section about Pilates, another one about packing your lunch, and the last one is about getting your children ready to head back to school. Every time I read it there is one sentence that jumps out at me. It makes me shake my head and wonder just what goes on nowadays. The tip that parents are given is, “Use any leftover supplies from last year before buying new ones this year.” WHAT?? A parent has to be told to do this?? Isn’t that common sense? Every year my sister and I would have to save any folders that were still in good shape (no rips or tears), every pencil that was still long enough with an eraser, and any notebook that still had enough sheets of paper to be useful. It would never have occurred to me to NOT reuse these supplies first! Was it just my family that did this? It just blew my mind.

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1 Response to Back to School

  1. Jamie says:

    Really? People have to be told that? I thought that was common sense. We always saved and reused supplies that were in good shape. Then again, I think God stopped handing out common sense recently… Lol.

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