Weird Animals

I guess that I shouldn’t have posted this with the title of ‘Weird Animals’, but that’s what came to mind. The first picture that I want to share with you was taken this morning. I was driving home from Erie and I couldn’t believe it when I first saw this:

It’s kind of hard to see, but I was trying to take the picture while driving. That is a donkey in the back of the pickup. lol. I know that I live out in a rural, red neckish type of area, but I haven’t seen anything like this for a while. I followed this most of my way home after I got off of the interstate.

Then tonight I was talking with my mom while she was putting her latest quilt on the quilt frame. The cats wanted to help, and especially Bob:

Bob was surveying the work to make sure that it was up to his high standards. He had to make sure that it was comfortable for sleeping on, too.

It passed the Bob Standards. lol

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1 Response to Weird Animals

  1. Jamie says:

    Lol – looks like your mom uses a quality control system similar to mine! Arthas thoroughly inspects all my quilts too. :0)

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