Against the Grain Picnic

Today was the day that my support group had planned our annual picnic. This is the fifth picnic we’ve held, and the third one where it has rained on us. Maybe we should have held it in July so that when we really needed rain we could have brought it to the area. If you know of somebody who is having an outside wedding in the summer you should double check with my group to see when our picnic is being held, that way the bride can make sure to NOT pick that day. Otherwise, she’ll get rained on. This is how the sky looked tonight (after the picnic):

I don’t have any pictures of the actual picnic, but when I get some I will be sure to post them. We had a very nice turn out despite the rain! There was a ton of food and all of the banana cake is gone. My parents were disappointed that I didn’t bring any back home. lol.

The people in my group are awesome. They surprised me and gave me some very beautiful flowers, along with a thank you card. Isn’t that great? Chester wanted to smell them, too:

Chester agreed that they were beautiful, too. Thanks to everybody for such a great day!

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1 Response to Against the Grain Picnic

  1. Jamie says:

    Those are lovely flowers! Thank you for not holding your picnic the same day as my museum event… I'd have been really mad if it rained Saturday! :0P

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