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Lunch Bag Attempt #2

After the frustration of making my first attempt at a lunch bag I decided to break out my Singer 301A. I wanted to see how it would handle the waterproof canvas so I decided to practice by making a purrse … Continue reading

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Real Life: Sewing Can be Difficult

I felt it was time to share another Real Life post with you guys. In these posts I aim to show you that nobody is perfect by projecting a light on my failures and imperfections. Are you ready? I believe … Continue reading

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Zipper Woes

This was the culprit: Last week my zipper on my winter coat kept splitting and I realized that the zipper pull had been pulled apart so it wasn’t correctly aligning the zipper to close it. I asked Jay to grab … Continue reading

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Extending the Sewing Surfaces

My sewing room looks huge, but it’s really not. I have slanted ceilings on both sides with one wall being slightly taller than the other one. This makes organization a little difficult. And it also means that all of my … Continue reading

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Sewing With my Singer 301A

If you remember, I purchased a Singer 301A this past fall for $25. This was at my mom’s insistence for she has one and loves it. The 301A is supposedly¬†very similar to the Singer Featherweight, which quilters just go ga-ga … Continue reading

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