A Miter Gauge for the Disc Sander

If you have a hobby, it doesn’t matter what it is, then you know there are times when you need to do something and a certain tool would come in VERY handy. The problem is that you don’t need it very often, but when you do need it you lament the absence of it in your life.

This is one of those projects. Jay has had a disc sander for ever. In fact, he might have taken it to Kindergarten as a Show and Tell item. (Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration)

Small Tools Bench

There are times when it would be very handy to have a miter gauge for the disc sander, I guess, so he decided to make one. Why purchase one when you have all kinds of material just laying around your workshop?

First, we need to take some measurements.

DS Miter Gauge 1

As you can see, there isn’t any measurement that we can’t take!

Next, take your metal stock and color a blue line on it.

DS Miter Gauge 2


Slide your colored piece of stock into the groove of the sanding table.

DS Miter Gauge 3

Next we need to make the stopping part of the gauge.This is the piece that your material-to-be-sanded will butt up against.

DS Miter Gauge 4

You should also color this blue so that it coordinates with your sliding bit.

Don’t forget to cut the vertical part of the Stopping Butt down so that it only extends to the edge of the sanding platform.

DS Miter Gauge 5

You have really worked hard so it’s time for a well deserved break. How about a game of Tic-Tac-Toe?

DS Miter Gauge 6

Okay, break’s over. We have to start drilling some holes.

DS Miter Gauge 7

In order to get them to stick you will need to use some kind of mechanical fastener. Probably bolts of some sort. It’s time to Tappity-Tap-Tap!

DS Miter Gauge 8

Hmmm… Kind of looks like a guy with creepy eyes.

Let’s make sure that Mr. Creeper is in the right spot on the sliding bit.

DS Miter Gauge 9

“I know what you did last sanding…”

Jay was getting ready to attach Mr. Creeper to the slide and I suggested that he use chewed bubble gum. It always sticks tightly to my show when I step in it. Apparently bubble gum is not the appropriate fastener in this situation. Fine!

DS Miter Gauge 10


At this point in the project I would have thrown it together and called it good enough. Not Jay. Nooo!! He has to get all professional and make sure that it’s actually square.

DS Miter Gauge 11

Now that it’s perfectly aligned and the ‘approved’ sticker has been placed on it, let’s see how it looks.

DS Miter Gauge 12

*Wolf whistles* That is one gorgeous piece of metal.

And now Jay’s life is a little less empty…

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