Some Woodworking by Jay

Last week I was be-bopping through the house when I looked outside and saw…

Torch Fire

It was a mob on my front lawn demanding blog posts about the stuff that Jay creates. I was frightened. I begged and pleaded with the mob and they finally let me off with a warning. Post something by Jay or else….

To be fair, Jay hasn’t been working on a whole lot of machining or woodworking projects. His work schedule has been all over the map so I never know when he’s going to be home. I usually make him write it down on the calendar so that I might have a slight chance of knowing where he’s going to be and when.

In his down time he’s been assembling more of those 3D puzzles.

First we have a cannon:


It actually does shoot a little ping pong ball, though not very far.

Then he assembled a crane:


It’s too bad the crane isn’t the same scale as the train set. It looks like a giant alien robot spider that has come to lay its eggs in the town.

Actually, these puzzles are great because this one even gives you something to build to put INSIDE the cargo box!

Crane Cargo Box

It’s a little motorcycle!

Hopefully Bob has killed the latest mouse down there so that we don’t have to worry about the motorcycle disappearing.

There is actually one project that Jay has been working on for me. You see, I have this rebel rose bush on the front of our porch.

Rebel Rose Bush 2021

I didn’t plant that one, it just grew there on its own. I tried transplanting it, but that one died. Then this one appeared. I told it that it could stay, but I wasn’t going to baby it. You can kind of see the first trellis that Jay built me two or three years ago. The rose bush has way outgrown it so I need a second story added.

Rose Trellis Pt 2 Drawing 2021

Jay took measurements and then drew it in SketchUp. It’s actually upside down in this picture.

Rose Trellis Pt 2 Pieces

He cut two main side pieces and a triangle for the bottom of the ‘V’.

Rose Trellis Pt 2 Peak

I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean… he was assemblying it? He had the trellis praying that it came out okay? He was bored and just wanted to see what it looked like?

Rose Trellis Pt 2 Holes

Here he has drilled the holes for the dowels. After all, I need places for the canes to be tied.

This will be painted white and then we can install it. It’s nothing very exciting.

As a tribute to Jay’s enjoyment of the puzzles, I will leave you with one.

What is Jay making now…

Misc Milling Part

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