A Crocheted Comfort Wrap

What should have been a relaxing Labor Day actually began a week of stress and rushing around to get things done. Jay’s stepdad passed away Labor Day morning, so we were active in helping Karen get things in line and preparing for the funeral.

Just a note for everybody out there… even if you’re in the best of health PLEASE let your spouses or family know where to find all of your important papers and financial information. Also, if you are a landlord be sure there is a convenient place for your survivors to find the details of your leases (how much is paid, when rent is due, how long the lease is, etc). You don’t want to leave your loved ones searching through three different filing cabinets and five different safes looking for a list that you promised was in existence.

Anyway, back to Karen…

I knew that after the funeral there would still be people popping by to check on her, but that after a while that would begin to taper off. Then there are going to be times of loneliness and sadness. Doesn’t anybody care? Nobody loves me… everybody hates me… etc. To keep her from going out back and eating some worms I decided to make her a reminder of our love for her.

Karen's Wrap 09 2020

I didn’t know if she would receive a prayer shawl from our church, but I wanted to give her a comfort wrap. Something that when she’s feeling blue she can wrap around her shoulders and feel our love hugging her. 

I used a pattern called Teal Treasure Wrap by Ellen Gormley that I found in the October 2013 issue of Crochet World. I also used some yarn from my stash that I’ve used for a poncho for a friend. This is Ice Yarns Pastel Cotton. I’m not sure that they sell this version of yarn any more.

Karen's Wrap Back 09 2020

I wanted it a little holey because Karen doesn’t often need bulky sweaters. She’s usually trying to thin down her layers. 

Karen's Wrap Detail 09 2020

This yarn is machine washable/dryable, so if Karen gets it dirty while rummaging in the basement trying to find things that her husband promised her were there, the wrap can be easily laundered. It’s one less thing to worry about.

Now where did he put that list??!!

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2 Responses to A Crocheted Comfort Wrap

  1. Jamie says:

    This is lovely! What a wonderful idea, too. ❤️
    I seriously think we need to make proper death planning a non-negotiable social expectation for everyone over the age of 18. It’s ridiculous how much of a mess so many people leave behind just because they didn’t think about it!

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