Traveling Monitor Bag

At the beginning of December I had to travel for work. I had to go to our facility in North Carolina in order to help with the physical year-end inventory count. I was taking my laptop, but our ERP software is super tiny when viewed on my laptop screen. In order to work from home Jay purchased a second computer monitor for me. I decided that I was going to take this monitor with me on my business trip. Luckily I was driving so I didn’t have to worry about getting it on a plane. All I had to do was get it to North Carolina in one piece. I decided that I would make a bag for it. Now, I’ve tried to make a monitor bag before, but to be completely honest it really sucked.

I decided that I wanted to have solid sides with cushioned interiors. I knew that Jay had a lot of extra luan laying around, so I drew up my plans with that in mind. Here is the drawing that I created for this project:

Monitor Bag Drawing

Art was not my best subject in school.

I gave Jay the dimensions, and with his assistance, I glued some foam to one side of the luan.

Monitor Bag - Luan Pieces

The thin piece on the right is for the bottom. I wanted a sturdy bag.

I used a fairly dense, but thin, foam for one side of the luan.

Monitor Bag - Foam Side

I then took a flannel sheet and cut pieces out of it to fit the padded luan, plus the bottom piece. Then I serged around the edges with the luan in the flannel pocket. This was a bit tricky at some points!

Monitor Bag - Cushioned Sides

It is definitely not the prettiest serging job, but it worked.

Next I dug through a tote of fabric to see what I had that would work. I wanted something sturdy that wouldn’t stretch. I came across a corduroy jumper that I must have purchased at either Goodwill or Salvation Army. The skirt of the jumper gave me plenty of material with which to work.

Monitor Bag - Corduroy Material

If I remember correctly, I doubled up the pieces to give it a little more structure. Again, I didn’t want anything happening to the monitor in transit. I then added a snap closure and some handles. Within a short amount of time I had a decent shell.

Monitor Bag Shell

I placed the luan bottom and padded sides in the bag.

Monitor Bag Clearance

I started to get nervous at this point. I had spent all afternoon working on this and HAD to have it done that day. Would that be enough room for the monitor without squishing it? I worried about the screen and what damage might get done if it was squished incorrectly.

Monitor Bag in Use

There definitely wasn’t any wiggle room, but I was able to get it in and out without too much of a struggle.

Monitor Bag with Padding

It worked! The monitor traveled over 1100 miles and worked perfectly every time I turned it on. When I had my hands full and it was banging around my legs I didn’t have to worry that I was ruining the screen. This was definitely a good use of my time!

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