A Jesus Shed – Part 2

So, I told you that Jay is building a Jesus Shed (a.k.a. creche).

Jesus Shed Framed 11-8-19

It is massive and taking up a large portion of our basement. However, we are only a few weeks away from Advent so this has to be done very soon.

He has done a great job on it. In fact, he has already wired it with lights.

Jesus Shed Wiring 11-15-19

Hopefully this picture gives you some kind of perspective on its size. He has wired up a power supply and put warm white LEDs inside.

Jesus Shed Lighting 11-15-19

He even created two spotlights that can be pointed at the baby Jesus.

Jesus Shed Spotlights 11-18-19

To help keep some of the snow out of it, he added “sides”.

Jesus Shed End 11-18-19

This is by no means the vision that we had pictured. I was hoping to figure out a way to create a thatched roof, but unless I want to buy two tons of broom straw I have no way to do it. I mean, what am I going to do with 1.95 tons of broom straw after this project is finished? I don’t need that many brooms!

Jesus Shed 11-15-19

Just this much, though, is way better than our current creche. Once it’s completely together and in place with the figures installed it will look great.

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1 Response to A Jesus Shed – Part 2

  1. Palimpsest Living says:

    Okay, that’s *amazing*.

    I hope your church family is suitably impressed!

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