2019 Quilt Show – Part 1

My mom and I attended the local quilt show again this year. We were a bit disappointed, though. I had hoped for some vendors that were selling regular sewing notions. She was hoping to see one of the local sewing machine dealers so that she could discuss a new machine. We were both disappointed. There were fewer vendors this year than in years past and it kind of felt like we were seeing the same quilts over and over.

With all of that being said, I did manage to take enough pictures that I’m going to split this into two different posts.

The first quilts were hung by windows so some of these pictures are a bit washed out.

2019 Quilt Show #1

I didn’t note the names of these patterns, but if you’re a quilter I’m sure you will recognize some of them. In fact, there were quite a few Bonnie Hunter patterns (which my mom LOVES and can spot from five miles away).

2019 Quilt Show #2

I took pictures of some of these because either I liked the theme/colors, or else I thought it was different enough to warrant another look.

2019 Quilt Show #3

I liked the colors of this scrappy quilt.

2019 Quilt Show #4

I’m not much into the whole shades of gray trend, but I really liked the ombre affect on this traditional quilt. It gives the classic quilt a bit of a contemporary kick.

Now, I took a picture of the following quilt as an example of fabric that’s so busy it’s difficult for me to make out the pattern.

2019 Quilt Show #5

I can kind of see it, but my eye just gets pulled into the autumnal mess.

This one is a nod to my Swedish blood:

2019 Quilt Show Swedish Stars

The quilter called it “Swedish Stars” for obvious reasons. In fact, I hadn’t even read the tag to see what it was called and I commented to my mom, “Wow, this is quite Swedish.”

I saw this one and liked how it looked:

2019 Quilt Show #6

Again, blue and traditional.

Speaking of blue, I saw this one and loved it as well:

2019 Quilt Show Blue Jay Quilt

Blue Jays!

2019 Quilt Show Blue Jay Square

The fabric sparkled a bit, too. I know that Blue Jays can be nasty birds, but I think that they are so pretty. I also love cardinals. All of the bird seed that I feed is geared towards these two types of birds. Anyway, back to the quilts.

The last quilt that I will show today is called “Wonky Star” and my mom identified it right away. I looked at it and said, “That’s how my quilt would look if I was trying to make an actual star quilt block. I would just tell people that I had created a new pattern and called it ‘Wonky Star’ so that they didn’t think I was completely horrible.”

2019 Quilt Show Wonky Stars

Oh, and before I go I wanted to share that I had a celebrity sighting! Can you believe it??

Jamie from Mythbusters!

Jamie from Mythbusters

… or maybe not… 😉

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