“I Made You A Art…”

(The title of this post comes from one of the characters on the show The Good Place.)

Recently I was looking at the online version of our local paper when a picture caught my eye. There was a gentleman standing in an open room with cellophane-wrapped candy laid out in a rectangle on the floor in front of him. This gentleman has something to do with our local art museum and he was VERY excited to show off the latest exhibit that they had been loaned. It was called. “Untitled.”

Being very right-brained and of the Type A personality sort, I was a bit confused. I didn’t see a sculpture or painting in the picture. All I saw was the candy on the floor. Seriously. THAT was the exhibit! If that wasn’t bad enough, somebody actually paid $7 million for this “art.” My boss walked into the office and heard me say, “I’ll save you millions of dollars. Go down to Sam’s Club, buy $100 worth of wrapped candy and throw it on your floor. There! You’ve just created art!” She didn’t want to know what had triggered me so early in the morning.

There are many dreams that Jay and I have where $7 million could come in very handy. So I have created some “art” of my own. If you are moved enough to want to purchase the exhibits that follow, I will be willing to let them go at a bargain sum of $500,000 each. Please get ready to be so incredibly moved that you won’t be able to sleep until you own at least one of these very rare exhibits. Ready?



Chipped signed




Emptiness signed




“Holding Hurts”

Holding Hurts signed




Scrapped signed





Soiled signed





Unfinished signed





Unhinged signed


If you are unable to afford the actual exhibit a limited run of prints will also be available for the small sum of $20,000 per print. What a bargain! I’m practically giving these away at that price. Talk about a starving artist! I have no idea how I’ll be able to feed my cats on such a small income, but I am doing it all for the “art” and the statement that it makes. It breaks my heart to have to part with either the prints or the exhibits themselves. You can’t truly be an “artist” unless you’re willing to put yourself out there so I’m sacrificing all of this for you. You’re welcome.

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