Christmas Wreath in July

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, then you’ve seen the ‘Real Life’ pictures of my Library. Here’s the latest:

Library 6-21-19

I thought that maybe we were having a contest to see just how much stuff we could fit into this tiny area. We were doing a pretty good job! This last weekend, however, both Jay and I were motivated to work on some of the projects that have been hanging around for a long time. Do you see the Hobby Lobby shopping bag in the above picture? That has been sitting there since November. It was the supplies that I needed to put together my own Christmas Wreath. As you can see, it never happened.

Until this weekend! I finally picked up that bag and decided to get it marked off the list.

I had everything that I needed to decorate the wreath. The only thing that had been lacking was motivation. Luckily I found some hiding under the bird bath!

Christmas Wreath Supplies 7-6-19

I didn’t want it to be too over-done. Simple and classy, I am not. However, I managed to keep things toned down a bit.

I had purchased this wreath from Hobby Lobby. I liked the fact that the form was two-tiered in order to give it a bit of roundness.

Christmas Wreath Form 7-6-19

I had also purchased some accessories with bling. Sparkle/glitter is my favorite.

Christmas Wreath Bling 7-6-19

In previous wreaths I’ve hung a wooden cross in the middle:

Wreaths - Finished

I couldn’t find one that I really liked for this one, but when I saw the ‘Joy’ ornament I knew it was perfect!

Christmas Wreath Joy 7-6-19

I decided that with this wreath I was going to wrap the ribbon all the way around.

Wrapped Christmas Wreath 7-6-19

After I had already glued it in place I realized that on the majority of the wreath, the music is upside down. I decided I didn’t care because I’m a bit ‘off’ myself, so it fits.

This is what the ribbon looks like when it’s right-side up:

Christmas Wreath Ribbon 7-6-19

I chose this music because Christmas should be about Joy and happiness, and music is a big part of the Christmas feeling. (By the way, you can tell that the designer is NOT a musician!) All of the emotions of Christmas can be sung, and are sung, every season. I had used this because I had contemplated using musical ornaments to decorate the wreath, but I scrapped that idea.

Instead I went with the bright red poinsettias.

Finished Christmas Wreath

I am not good with interior design, but I liked how this came out. Perhaps I should have spread the pine cones out a bit. And they definitely aren’t level with each other. Not to mention that once I had everything glued I realized that my oblong wreath has to be hung on an angle if you want the middle poinsettia to be in the center and not off-kilter. And yet, even with all of its flaws, I love it. Who of us is not flawed? Who of us is perfectly put together? I know that I’m not. After all, I showed you a picture of my library.

After I finished it, I had to hang it to see how it looks.

Hanging Christmas Wreath 7-6-19

“It looks great!” she says, standing out by the road. Yep, it’s a far-sighted wreath… it should only be sighted from far away. 😉

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1 Response to Christmas Wreath in July

  1. Palimpsest Living says:

    Oh, I like it! The color combination is perfect! Congrats on finding elusive motivation and knocking another project off the list! : )

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