Crocheted Dishcloth Basket

A few weeks ago when I finished the last Project Linus blanket I suddenly decided that I didn’t have enough on my plate. To make things even more interesting I decided that I needed to crochet some dishcloths and pot scrubbers for the Chinese auction at our church festival.

I decided that I would do a different design for each dishcloth.

Dishcloth #1

Wave Dishcloth

This one has some waves and ribs. I like a ‘bumpy’ dishcloth when I’m scrubbing dishes.

Dishcloth #2

Bumpy Dishcloth

I really liked the colors in this one. It has a pointy edge that you can use to get into the nooks and crannies. I found this pattern on Creative Grandma’s YouTube channel. It’s called the ‘Knobby Dishcloth.’

Dishcloth #3

Diagonal Ridges Dishcloth

This is one of my favorite to crochet. It’s done on the diagonal and the ribs make for some nice scrubbing.

Dishcloth #4

Scrubby Dishcloth

This was an experiment. I’ve had a skein of the scrubby yarn that Red Heart released a year ago or so. I tried crocheting it along with the cotton on the hook, but it was too much. I ended up crocheting the scrubby part with just the scrubby yarn. It was a bit difficult to see your stitches, so I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for a beginner.

I knew that I also wanted to include some pot scrubbers because they are wonderful. My mom has crocheted these scrubbers for years using the rough tulle, not the shiny stuff that is used for wedding veils. After getting the pattern from my mom and having her show me how to do it, I managed to make some of my own.


My mom has always used black tulle because as you use it and it gets stained/dirty they won’t show the use. When they are icky you just toss them in the washer with your towels and they are good to go for a while. Because they are made of tulle they are safe to use on your Teflon pans, glass stove tops, and fiberglass bath tubs. These little guys are great.

Then I asked Jay to 3D print a holder for the scrubber to dry near a sink. I have a holder and I love it. This is what Jay came up with:

3D Printed Scrubby Holder

He sized it to nicely fit the scrubber.

Scrubby Holder with Scrubby

Once all of those were done I bought a little bottle of dish detergent to put in the basket. Now I just have to find some kind of bag to put it in and contain it.

Dish Washing Basket

I hope that it appeals to somebody at the festival. I would really like to see these go to a loving home.


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